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Wood Flooring - cleaning, restoring and polishing process.

Our staff are full qualified to clean and restore all types of wood flooring.

Our professional team use some of the latest cleaning equipment but more importantly use high quality and safe products that care for your floors and your upholstery. This means our customers get the best service from us. We are a fully insured company.

Should a client have a query, need assistance or want to make a recommendation, then simply call our help desk where there is always a member of our customer response team ready to help. So leave your cleaning needs in our hands and relax. Yorkshire Floor Care believe that the cleaning service we provide must be of a 5 star quality and we work hard to deliver the results you want and deserve.

We also do commercial cleaning in factories, commercial offices and private clubs.

Our standard process for Wood Floors

  1. Room Preparation - Due to health & safety and insurance restrictions, we respectfully ask you to move all furniture and breakable items. Our craftsmen will then carefully protect skirting boards and wall coverings, using low tack tape, waterproof plastic or waxed paper.
  2. Dry Mop.
  3. Vacuum floor.
  4. Deep Cleaning / Stripper - Application of our unique stone stripping solution which will break down and remove old seal/polish buildups. Then using various grades of brushes/pads and agitation machinery we clean deep down in to the stone/grouting.
  5. Stone Neutralization - Application of our Natural Stone Rinse, this will neutralise the floor ready for further treatments.
  6. Drying - We Install air movers to assist in drying your natural stone and grouting.
  7. Impregnation/Sealing - Hand application of our reactive natural stone impregnator, which has been specially designed to protect porous stone. This process is vital it can take a number of hours as the stone has to be completely dry prior to application. In addition, the floor has to be dry when applying the recommended additional coats of impregnator. This will protect your natural stone in the future, guarding against both oil and water based spills. And of course, your daily maintenance of the floor will be greatly improved due to the protective barrier.
  8. Polishing - 5-Step polishing process, using various grades of polishing pastes to remove any fine blemishes and scratches.
  9. Fine Polishing - After the stone has been ground and impregnated we then protect your investment, using a unique blend of high quality and extremely hard resins/waxes along with specifically weighted machines to protect your polished floors, also increasing the friction and enhancing the floors aesthetics. This process will further enhance the stone providing a mirrored finish, ensuring ease of future maintenance.

OPTIONS: Anti slip treatment. We can also provide a honed (dull) finish to your floor instead of a high gloss finish if you require that type of finish. Please ask for details.

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